FIEs operating in or with business establishments in Vietnam, operating under Vietnamese and foreign laws and other laws governing business activities, ful-filling their obligations to the State, and willing to comply with program rules.

FIEs nominated by departments, branches, business associations, and industries or by readers of Tap chi Kinh te Viet Nam / VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times.


Winners of a GDA will be selected based on the following five criteria:

Business results

  • Revenue and profit in the last two years, 2021-2022;
  • Stability in business and revenue growth;
  • Business achievements in 2020-2022.

Brand building, development and protection

  • Securing the brand’s position in the market;
  • Protection of intellectual property relating to brands in the target market (logos, designs, product packaging, etc.);
  • Barriers used to protect and prevent brand infringements (the process of taking steps to prevent risks when the brand is infringed upon and the application of countermeasures).

Corporate responsibility

  • Responsibility of the enterprise towards employees in fulfilling requirements in regard to social insurance, health insurance, and welfare regimes;
  • The responsibility taken by the enterprise in meeting its tax, fee, and credit obligations;
  • Contributions by enterprisees to the community and society;
  • Contributions by enterprises to the development of their industry in particular and the economy in general.

Green and sustainable business development

  • Investment in green production processes, a green working environment, and gender equality at the enterprise;
  • Quality processes, environmental certificates;
  • Achievements of enterprises in green production and business;
  • Corporate contributions to the environment or commitments towards green business;
  • Policies that ensure equal, non-discriminatory values in the workplace.

Application of digital transformation

  • Plans to deploy digital transformation in business activities;
  • Results of digital transformation refiected in operational efficiency at the enterprise.

Receipt and classification of applications to participate in the program before Close of Business on Feb 20, 2023.

  • Based on published regulations and evaluation criteria for the GDA 2023, the Secretariat will select enteprises that are eligible to participate in the program and gather more relevant information (on their implementation of tax responsibilities, credit, responsibility to employees, the environment, and the community of enterprises), for submission to the Organizing Board and Advisory Board for consideration and preliminary review.

Conduct of a preliminary review of the application: from Feb 21, 2023 to Feb 25, 2023

  • The Organizing Board will establish an Advisory Board consisting of macro-economic experts, industry economists, representatives from industry associations, and marketing and branding specialists. The Advisory Board will participate in the process of researching, consulting, and evaluating information on candidates. A preliminary review will be held through a formal meeting between the Organizing Board and the Advisory Board.
  • The Preliminary Board will select 150 applications to conduct a final selection. Appraisal activities at enterprises will be conducted on selected representatives by industry, field of activity, and economic sector out of the 150 applicatiuons. Appraisal activities will be conducted at the enterprise according to a working program with the participation of representatives from the Organizing Board, Advisory Board, and Voting Board.
  • A pre-qualification list will be published in Tap chi Kinh te Viet Nam / VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times and on the website.

Organization of appraisals: from Feb 27, 2023 to March 3, 2023

  • The Secretariat will contact enterprises and localities on the appraisal list. The Organizing Board will establish an Appraisal Board consisting of representatives from the Organizing Board, the Secretariat, and the Advisory Board. The Appraisal Board will conduct the actual appraisal at enterprises.
  • Appraisal teams are responsible for appraising and determining the accuracy of records and capturing more information relating to the enterprise.
  • The Appraisal Board is responsible for compiling a report on the results and submitting this to the Selection Board.

Selection: from March 6, 2023 to March 16, 2023

  • Based on the requirements and conditions of the program, the Organizing Board will establish a Selection Board chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of Tap chi Kinh te Viet Nam / VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, with members including the Organizing Board, the Advisory Board, journalists monitoring the industry, and a number of other agencies and organizations as proposed by Tap chi Kinh te Viet Nam / VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times.
  • The Selection Board studies 1) the evaluation criteria; 2) comments from the Advisory Board; 3) and Appraisals, to select the winners of a GDA.
  • From 150 applications submitted in the preliminary round, the Selection Board will review and select a TOP 50 Enterprises in GDA 2023.
  • A list of TOP 50 Enterprises in GDA 2023 will be published in Tap chi Kinh te Viet Nam / VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times and digital media channels.

Ceremony for the TOP 50 Enterprises in GDA 2023

  • The ceremony is expected to be held on March 17, 2023 in Da Nang and offer a venue for sharing information and seizing new opportunities.